9 tips for choosing your diesel industrial machinery repair shop.

We’ll give you a series of key tips that will help you when choosing your diesel industrial machinery repair shop. Keep reading. In five minutes, you’ll know how to tell the difference between a serious employee and a botched job.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing your diesel industrial machinery repair shop

1. Compare opinions

We live in the digital age. What's more, Covid-19 has highlighted how important technology is for keeping us connected. Look to your network for opinions about that diesel industrial machinery repair shops that you’ve heard about or, if you don’t know any, the internet can be a good source of information to find the most suitable option for you. Read the reviews others have left about a business and you can learn from their experiences. This will help you choose more confidently.

2. An establishment certified as a diesel industrial machinery repair shop

Make sure that the business has all their papers in order. Both the facilities and the staff who work there must scrupulously comply with all the regulations in force. So, you’ll save yourself a headache in the future if you have any queries or claims.

Make sure that your entry includes the industrial registration number, the acronym of the province where you work and the activity you perform.

3. Security, order and cleanliness.

First impressions matter. So, if you arrive at the workshop and see it doesn’t meet the minimum standards of safety, order and cleanliness... don’t trust it! This may be the best reflection of the work they are going to do for you.

4. Request a pre-inspection

Before trying to solve the machinery failure, ask for an evaluation. Ask them to explain exactly what happens to your machinery and then, you decide if the service is worth it. But let them be honest with you from the get go.

5. Transparency

Don’t overlook the importance of them being clear on the cost and payment method. Avoid unnecessary complications and always bet on the person who tackles things head on. True professionals never have a problem with this but unfortunately, not everyone does this.

6. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt.

Workshops are obliged to issue a receipt to all our customers which proves they left the vehicle in their care. The machinery owner must present this receipt during collection.

7. Repair deadlines

This is always a tricky issue between workshops and users. However, try to get them to give you a pick-up date and ask them to get in touch with you if anything changes.

There are exceptional situations that affect third parties. For example, a workshop may send for a model which doesn’t arrive in time. This can affect delivery times but it doesn’t change the obligation to be accountable to the client, telling them what’s happening and apologising. We’re people first and should respect each other. The client will understand, but for they should still be treated well and with sincerity.

Remember if you just need a simple repair and they exceed the repair time, you have the right to ask for compensation for damages.

8. The replaced parts are yours

Don't be afraid to ask for them. The parts that have been changed must be delivered to you according to Royal Decree 1457/1986 which regulates the activity of repair shops

9. Warranty

Remember, all workshops are required to offer a warranty period. Whether it’s official or private. The consumer is covered by EU regulation 461/2010.

Global FAP, a serious and reliable company

At Global FAP, we have years of experience as a diesel industrial machinery repair shop. We have clients from all over Spain who get in touch of us because previous clients have had a good experience and recommended us.

Our team offers an attentive and polite service and has the training and work experience to make them experts in terms of diesel machinery repairs.

Contact us for an obligation free chat. We’d be happy to help.

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