Particulate filter waste treatment: Why is it important?

particulate filter waste treatment

When we talk about means of transport, it is becoming increasingly clear that all practices surrounding them must be environmentally friendly. Nowadays it is very important to take care of nature and the ecosystem that surrounds us if we want to preserve the environment in which we live from the climate change. Therefore, the particulate filter waste treatment is one of the actions that we must take into account in the automotive world in order to comply with these environmental preservation measures.

Either through the particulate filter cleaning for trucks As for any other vehicle, it is very important to avoid that the waste extracted from this process ends up being dumped in elements that form part of the environment. Therefore, in this blog we will explain the best method to do so.

What waste does the particulate filter generate?

The particulate filter is a device present in the exhaust system of vehicles, whose function is to retain all solid particles emitted by engine combustion, which are considered to be pollutants. In this way, this part manages to prevent a large part of the pollutant emissions from being emitted by the engine. end up in the planet's atmosphere.

However, even if this filter retains these emissions, it is of no use if, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the filter does not work properly. extract these particlesare poured back into places where at risk of contaminationemissions, passing into the atmosphere and causing the opposite effect to the desired one. Therefore, the treatment of particulate filter residues once they have been removed is essential for a correct and environmentally friendly activity.

Particulate filter residue treatment at Global FAP

Although there are several options on the market for cleaning the particulate filter, none of them, with the exception of the one we use at Global FAP, stores the extracted waste for further treatment. In addition, the dual-blade technologycombined with a controlled pyrolysis treatment, is the only one capable of to remove 100% from waste accumulated in the filter.

That's why, by relying on Global FAP for the particulate filter maintenancenot only will you obtain impeccable results, but you will also be guaranteeing the treatment of particulate filter residues, thus avoiding the increase of pollution and, therefore, the preservation of the environment.

Do not hesitate to contact our team to get the information and advice you need about this service.

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