Is express particulate filter cleaning possible?

express particulate filter cleaning

We have already spoken on previous occasions about the importance of the particulate filter cleaningto reduce pollutant emissions from certain vehicles. So important is this service that it is even obligatory compliance on certain vehicle models, regulated by the Euro 6 standard. However, due to the need for quick availability of vehicles, especially in the work environment, being able to count on a express particulate filter cleaning is essential.

But, to what extent can this service be done quickly? Are we losing quality in the cleaning of the FAP by trying to do it in record time? In this new blog, we will resolve all the doubts surrounding this issue, so that you always know which is the best option.

What is the process for cleaning the FAP?

In previous blogs, you could read that there are several methods for cleaning this part. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that not all have the same length of timesome being faster than others.

At Global FAP, in particular, we use the dual-blade technologyThe soot accumulated in the interior is extracted, and then the particulate filter waste treatment for minimising their environmental impact. But how long can this process take, and is it really an express cleaning of the particulate filter? We'll answer that for you right away!

Express particulate filter cleaning in 48 hours

At Global FAP we have a team of professionals who will be in charge of carrying out the express particulate filter cleaning in the shortest possible time. In concrete terms, the interested customer only has to call us so that we can come directly to his address in order to collecting the particulate filter that needs cleaning. Subsequently, the same day we receive it at our facilities, we will carry out the cleaning service and send it back.

Throughout this process, our team will not spend any more time on 48 hoursThe particulate filter will be serviced successfully, efficiently and easily in just 2 days.

So we can definitely say that express particulate filter cleaning is possible: At Global FAP, we understand the value of time, working quickly so that you can continue your activity no matter what.

If you need to make use of the particulate filter cleaning for trucks or other vehicles, do not hesitate to contact us at. We will be pleased to help you.

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