More than 90% of diesel particulate filter failures could have been solved by cleaning the DPF.

DPF cleaning
A common automotive myth is the one that surrounds the Diesel Particulate Filteralso known as DPF. It is believed that this element tends to break down, but this is not the case. In fact, more than 95% of DPF-related failures are solved by proper cleaning.

For this, it is necessary to always rely on true professionals in the field in order to avoid incorrect executions and future failures. At Global FAP we offer our customers a professional DPF cleaning service for light, heavy and off road vehicles. This is a exclusive service, as we are the only company in Spain that has the latest technologies guaranteed by the world's leading OEM manufacturers. for proper maintenance.

Why is DPF cleaning so necessary?

The DPF or diesel particulate filter is a kind of "sieve" located in the exhaust pipe. Its task is to trap the pollution generated by the engine in the form of carbon particles so that it is not released into the atmosphere. In addition, European legislation requires diesel vehicles to be fitted with this anti-pollution filter. to ensure greater environmental protection and the elimination of the black smoke that we sometimes see coming out of exhaust pipes and which is often a reason for failing the MOT, for example.

While it is true that an engine generates very little pollution at steady speeds, if you are mainly driving in the city, we recommend that you occasionally take to the road and keep the car above 2,500 revolutions to regenerate the DPF filter and prevent it from becoming saturated.

The best prevention is good maintenance

However, the best way to keep your diesel particulate filter in perfect condition is to have the DPF cleaned regularly. As is always the case, the best solution to avoid any mishaps or breakdowns in your vehicle is preventive maintenance. Trust in experts who can help you. At Global FAP we will be happy to do so.

Do not hesitate to ask for information without any kind of commitment. We are here to help you in everything you need, we are waiting for you!


Image: Pixabay

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