Particulate filter cleaning with double air blades: the system recommended by manufacturers

Particulate filter cleaning with double air blades
The cleaning of the double-bladed particulate air filter, also known as a DPF or FAP, is vital if we are to extend the service life of both light and heavy duty vehicles.

At Global FAP we are specialised in heavy vehicles, although we cover all types of vehicles. However, most of the clogged particulate filters we receive for cleaning are from trucks, buses, agricultural machinery or different types of heavy machinery. The main inconvenience alleged by our customers is the loss of power they perceive in the vehicle, caused by a clogged DPF.

With a correct cleaning of the FAP, these problems disappear. It is important to be aware that failure to carry out preventive maintenance can lead to parallel engine failures in this type of heavy-duty vehicle.

It is therefore clear that a correct preventive maintenance of the FAP is the best method to avoid future breakdowns or problems. It should not be forgotten that the fundamental function of this part is to retain solid particles generated by engine combustion, which are also pollutants. Keeping the DPF in good condition helps ton reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Our particulate filter cleaning with double air blades sets us apart.

Being involved in particulate filter cleaning has made us aware of the many bad practices that exist on the market. Unfortunately, there are many who, when it comes to cleaning the particulate filter, resort to a simple jet of water, or worse, to homemade methods or tricks that are useless and can lead to serious breakdowns later on.

Global FAP 100% committed to quality and to our customers. That's why we only offer you a professional service guaranteed by the industry's leading experts: the manufacturers.

Our technique is recommended by all manufacturers worldwide. This consists of cleaning the particulate filter with a double air blade. To do this, we use the latest technology machines, which, by means of an innovative system, manages to extract the soot accumulated inside the FAP with the blade. Then, with a powerful furnace adjusted to the criteria recommended by the manufacturers, we carry out controlled filter regenerations at 600 degrees, thus eliminating the solid materials through pyrolysis.

Finally, the air flow tester ensures that the particulate filter complies with each and every one of the parameters required by the manufacturer, and the torva takes care of storing the extracted residues.

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If you are interested in our particulate filter cleaning service with double air blades, don't wait any longer to contact our specialised staff.. We cover the entire national territory, you only have to call us by phone and we will organise the collection from the dealership through a transport company.

As soon as the FAP arrives at our facilities, it will undergo our special maintenance and be sent back to us. Fast and efficient service within 48 hours.

We are the only company in Spain with this equipment, we are waiting for you!


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