Particulate filter cleaning for trucks: preventing pollution

particulate filter cleaning for trucks

All the alerts are warning: we need to reach a greater care for the environment if we want to keep the planet in optimal conditions. And one of the most important measures is to to greatly reduce the pollution generated by means of transport. To this end, the particulate filter which is nowadays present in vehicles such as trucks and vans. And just as it is important to have one, it is also important to have the right one. particulate filter cleaning for trucks.

Following all the steps and recommendations of each vehicle manufacturer is essential in order to achieve the best performance. correct use of them. For this reason, cleaning and particulate filter maintenance is so important, both for the smooth running of the truck and for the care of the world around us.

Why should we clean the particulate filter?

As already mentioned, the particulate filter is a filter element designed to reduce pollutant emissions of the vehicles, especially when they are of large dimensions such as lorries or vans. This mechanism is responsible for retain solid particles emissions generated by engine combustion, which are considered to be pollutants. Their role is therefore vital for more sustainable and environmentally friendly driving.

The problem with this mechanism is that, as it retains these solid particles, over time it becomes saturated, preventing it from functioning properly and eventually reaching the point where it can become damage to the vehicle. It is therefore very important to maintain a cleanliness habit The design of the system must be carried out by professionals to ensure the effectiveness of this element.

In addition to this, there is currently a standard called Euro 6whereby the use and cleaning of the particulate filter for trucks and other commercial vehicles is compulsory. Therefore, in order to comply with this regulation, periodic cleaning must be carried out to ensure its continuous operation.

How to avoid contamination when cleaning the particulate filter for trucks?

Although the particulate filter is responsible for retaining the pollutant particles from the vehicle's emissions, these particles are removed from the vehicle after cleaning. Therefore, this device is of no use if, after cleaning, the particulate matter is released with a free path to adversely affect pollution.

It is therefore necessary to find a cleaning method that ensures that they are treated to prevent them from emitting pollutants that can affect health and the environment. Although there are methods such as the ultrasound or pressurised waterHowever, none of these ensure that the particles no longer pose a danger. For this reason, Global Fap works with this service by means of the dual-blade technologyThe particles are extracted and then stored in a storage system, and treat them in an appropriate manner.

If you need more information about our particulate filter cleaning service for trucks, please contact us at contact us at. We'll help you make your vehicles compliant and practice safer, more sustainable driving.


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