What is the European Euro 6 emissions standard?

What is the European Euro 6 emissions standard?
Before we begin to tell you about the European Euro 6 emissions regulation and how it affects heavy and light fuel vehicles, we would like to use our blog to convey a message of positivity and hope. At Global FAP we continue to operate to give our customers the best service.

Of course, we’re taking all necessary safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of both our workers and those who trust us. We’re doing everything in our power to continue to stand with those who need us and to keep as many jobs as possible. We are doing everything in our power to continue to stand by those who need us and to keep as many jobs as possible.As an essential services, we’re supporting other professionals and companies who are continuing to operate despite this unprecedented situation. We’re still by your side.

Our employees know their stuff. They’re always thinking on their feet. You’re the heart of our family business, Global FAP. we need each other ore now than ever.

Supporting local businesses means helping society. We all have to move forward together.

What is the Euro 6 emissions standard and what’s it for

We’ll now continue with the blog’s mission. As always, we bring our readers information about the sector we operate in. Today we want to talk about what the European Euro 6 emission regulation is.

This standard surfaced in 2007 but didn’t come into force until 1 September 2014. Its clear objective? To reduce the levels of pollution caused by both light and heavy vehicles. It looks to equate the pollution produced by diesel and petrol models.

Among its main criteria are:

  • A drastic reduction of polluting gases, especially nitrous oxides or NOX (80 mg/km).
  • An obligation to use particulate filters in diesel engines and air deflectors on the underside and controlled water and oil pumps in petrol engines.
  • Using low rolling resistance tyres and pressure indicators.
  • Stop&Start systems, among others.

Maintaining and rebuilding exhaust systems

At Global FAP, we’re committed to reducing NOX emissions through our particulate filter cleaning service (GAP or DPF), as well as rebuilding or replacing the catalytic converter.

Experience in cars, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery and all types of heavy and light vehicles. We also help you with catalytic converters under Euro 4 and 5 regulations, Euro 4 and 5to up to the current Euro 6 catalytic converters with particulate filter (FAP). all at your service

We’re happy to give you more information without any obligation. We’d be happy to help.


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