Global FAP, solution to the problems with Euro6 catalytic converters according to the media

solution to problems with Euro6 catalytic converters
There is no doubt that a job well done pays off. The same has happened to us in Global FAPWhy? Because our effort, dedication and commitment to quality and innovation have earned us the chance to appear as the protagonist of an informative report in the media, specialising in Freight Transport. This media defines us as the best solution to end the problems with Euro 6 catalytic converters.

Speed and effectiveness against Euro 6 catalytic converter problems

If you follow our trajectory, you will know that Global FAP specialises in DPF or FAP well as in the rebuilding or repair of catalytic converters for heavy and light vehicles.

In addition, with us you can count on the confidence and security that comes from working only with the leading brands in the sector. This reality has allowed us to increase the number of clients, with more and more trusting our team and references, as well as becoming a national benchmark.

Experience and specialisation go hand in hand to offer a guaranteed service, where speed and efficiency are paramount. After many analyses and projects, solving problems on Euro 6 catalytic converters has become one of our specialisations. The high number of cases requesting this solution has also led us to do so.

A little more of the report in, specialised in Freight Transport. defines us as "the solution to the costly breakdowns of exhaust treatment systems". In this sense, they refer to our national character, as we provide solutions throughout Spain.

Also noteworthy is our collaboration with DINEXThis allows us to offer more possibilities to the end user in both new and remanufactured products. "A more economical and efficient alternative to the new product, incorporating the latest DINEX developments in our rebuilt product. On the other hand, the new product still has the ceramic cores".

With our services, companies of all types have seen greater optimisation of their resources and costs, as well as improved emission levels from their fleet.

If you wish to read the full article, you can do so via the following link. Click here. 


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